Un Mariage en Hiver

1 April 2020

Today, on location to the Pyrenees Orientales for an original and indulging wedding. This theme carried off by the florist “La Couturière de la Fleur”, plunges us into the heart of winter but in a warm and authentic atmosphere. The warm, woody colours (brown, beige, dark chocolate) were chosen to contrast with the cold of winter, creating this timeless atmosphere. The delicacies for the cozy side, the natural elements and the few candles offering this warmth to the image combine wonderfully, all in a certain elegance and modernity.

This modernity is also found in the dress designed by Elsa Gary. Very simple, it comes in two parts: the dress is worn over the lace top, which then lets us discover a magnificent bare back testifying to very fine and rigorous work. The hairdresser Océane Georgeon, opted to do a sophisticated chignon that highlights the model's style and as not to hide this detail of the dress. The bridal floral crown, that sublimates everything, was made by the florist. The brown and golden details go perfectly with the created universe while adding a touch of romanticism to the hairstyle.

For the groom, we opted for a very trendy navy blue suit from Créange with a very original wooden bow tie designed by “Le Prince Charmant n’Existe Pas”. It highlights the suit and brings this original touch to the whole ensemble.

This shooting was carried out in several locations to complete the story that we imagined. The mountains were already covered with a large white blanket of snow when we arrived to the delight of us all. The "Aguila Chalet", a luxury chalet in La Bolquère, is the first location for the shooting. A truly exceptional place, it fits perfectly with the sought- after modern aspect and offers various services such as a sauna and nordic baths which are fully in line with our theme for comfort and ‘pampering’.

The rest was shot outside, up higher near the chalet, offering a breathtaking view of the valley and the Pyrenees but also not far from Bolquère where we find the sled dogs. The different atmospheres, offered by each place, were captured by Soufiane Zaïdi, the photographer and Kevin Munar, the videographer during this shooting. Their work does justice to the splendorous location, which was exceptional and only enhanced by the snow that plunged us into it’s magical world.




Elegance, douceur et simplicité.