Behind this topic, it is a team of professionals who have been able to create this inspiration of a southern perfume.

The nature is honored here and evokes an idea of timelessness through these natural elements (sea, hills, vegetation). This concept of modernity is reflected in the wedding dress made by Elodie Courtat. Split with transparency elements a plunging neckline, the wedding dress brings a certain freshness and originality to the scriptwriting. We still notice the tradition in the lace of the sleeves and the timeless whiteness of the tissue.

Pastel shades and refined colours represented in the flowers, candels but also the stationery factory brings a modern touch.

The collaboration between hairdresser Camille Coste and make-up artist gave a very sober and fresh result. The perfect complexion, the rough make-up and the revisited bun let us discover a fashionable and romantic bride. The wedding suit from Créange remains classic with the white shirt, the black suit and the Mao collar, but is equally elegant.

The mixture of colour, materials and textures offers a very interesting game between tradition and modernity. Precious stone, medallion chair and golden candleholders are perfectly combined with modern sobriety (nude make-up, refined colours, fluid dress)... This unique combination offers us the image of an authentic, romantic and elegant wedding.



Elegance, douceur et simplicité.